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Risk Free Electronics Recycling

Responsible electronics recycling is more important than ever, and Cohen makes it simple for residential recyclers like you to do the right thing with your unwanted household electronic items. Electronics make up the fastest growing global waste stream and represent a threat not only to the environment, but your personal data security.

Residential Recycling Centers
What electronics can be recycled?

As a rule of thumb, if something uses batteries or plugs into an outlet, it qualifies for recycling. That can include everything from home office equipment to toys to small appliances to cables and chargers. You can take household electronics to most Cohen drive-thru recycling centers to be recycled. Use our new What Can I Recycle tool to look up specific items.

Electronics containing cathode ray tube (CRT) screens can do severe and expensive harm to the environment by leaching toxic compounds into the ground and water. The added handling costs of these items is higher than the value of the metals they contain. You can expect to pay $0.50-70 per pound to recycle a CRT TV or monitor.

We protect your privacy

Imagine how much personal info someone could get from your old phone or computer. By recycling with Cohen, you can rest assured that every last byte is destroyed.

We're certified

Cohen’s proprietary process is backed by the ISO 9001 certification. We consistently provide services at our recycling center that meet our own rigorous standards as well as specific industry regulatory requirements.

We care

Recycling electronics keeps harmful compounds like lead and mercury out of the ground and water, and preserves natural resources by reducing the need to mine new metals.

Our B2B Mail-In Program

Through our R2 certified sister company, Cobalt, and in partnership with TERRA, we’re making it easier than ever for businesses to recycle their used electronics including computers, laptops, and tablets. Mitigate risks to your security and brand, recover value from your IT investments, and do right by the environment.

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Looking for a business electronics recycling solution?

For organizations with decommissioned or unused hardware to part with, Cohen created Cobalt, a full service IT asset disposition firm specializing in refurbishment, recycling, and remarketing of business electronics.

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