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Industrial Recycling

Where the scrap is, we're there.

Consult with Cohen for an industrial scrap recycling program that enhances your plant's efficiency and improves your bottom line. Cohen maximizes the value of your scrap through premium pricing, diverse and reliable services, and innovative solutions.

Scrap with an Emphasis on Service

For enterprises generating scrap on an ongoing basis, Cohen collaborates with your team to design a custom scrap management program that keeps your operations running smoothly. We have been creating innovative solutions for hundreds of businesses producing all kinds of scrap, in all kinds of industries, for nearly a century. Let us do the same for you.

A Full Line of Specialized Equipment & Services
  • Roll-off and lugger boxes
  • Sealed containers and lids
  • Open-top, flatbed, van and drop-deck trailers
  • Theft prevention systems
  • Mobile shred, shear and bale capabilities
  • Chip and fluid recover systems
  • Camera and security systems
  • Lighting systems and canopies
  • Weigh systems
  • Overseas chassis
  • On-site processing


Combining a broad range of capabilities, investments in the right equipment, and nearly a century of experience, Cohen eliminates outsourcing and extra steps to deliver more value to our clients.


You can count on our in-house Fabrication division to design and build completely customized systems for scrap containment at the plant level, tailored to your space and your operational needs.


Your recycling partner should never be the cause of delays or downtime. Our fleet employs only the best in on-board dispatch and navigation technology to ensure smart route planning and reliable, on-time service.

Peace of mind is worth its weight in gold.

As a strategic partner with your needs and interests at the center of our plan, Cohen’s consultants will collaborate with you on an ongoing basis to continue to optimize your operation. Our goals are the same as yours: maximum value for your scrap, minimum impact on your uptime. You can rely on us to create a blueprint for long-term scrap management success — a blueprint that we will continue to revisit and update with new insights and recommendations.

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