Power Strip Recycling

What recyclable materials are in a power strip?

Power strips typically contain a variety of recyclable materials, such as plastic housing, metal components, electrical wiring, circuit boards, and any other electronic components. Depending on the age and type of power strip, it may also contain hazardous materials such as lead or mercury. Although Cohen only recycles metal, learn more about where to recycle non-metal materials.

What are the benefits of recycling power strips?

Recycling power strips can help reduce electronic waste, conserve energy, and prevent environmental damage. When power strips are recycled, the components such as metal, plastic, and other materials can be reused instead of being discarded into landfills. 

What are the risks of not recycling power strips?

Not recycling power strips can be hazardous to the environment, as they contain toxins such as lead and mercury. They also contain other materials that are not biodegradable, making them difficult to dispose of properly. If they are not recycled, these toxic materials can leach into soil or water, posing a risk to both wildlife and humans.

Can I make money from recycling my power strip?

While you can get paid for some recyclable items, power strips sometimes incur a recycling fee. Some items require more processing but the benefits of recycling are still great! Even with a small fee, you’re making the world around you greener and your own life leaner – helping both the environment and economy while decluttering at home.

Find A Scrap Yard

Cohen operates several public and commercial recycling centers in Ohio and Kentucky.

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