4 Simple Ways to Recycle Your Holiday Lights This Year

4 Aluminum Recycling Examples That Aren’t Just Cans

Among the most popular materials that we consume, recycling aluminum saves valuable resources and energy. While many think of aluminum cans first, there's much more to be recycled than that.

10 Kinds of Common Brass to Recycle Today

One of the most commonly recycled metals is an alloy called brass — a combination of copper and zinc with many useful properties. You likely use brass on a daily basis, whether you recognize it or not. This article will help you learn to recognize common examples of brass and be a better, smarter recycler.

11 Recyclable Electronics That Fit In Your Hand

Think about how often you upgrade or replace things like your cell phone, laptop, computer. Now think about all the cables, chargers, and accessories those electronics come with. That adds up to a lot of e-waste!

6 Most Commonly Recycled Non-Ferrous Metals

The scrap value of non-ferrous metal is typically higher on a pound-for-pound basis than ferrous metal, which is traded in tons, not pounds. This means it's useful to know some examples of non-ferrous metals and how to identify them before visiting a non-ferrous scrap dealer with your recycling.

35 Most Commonly Recycled Ferrous Metal Items

There are recyclable items everywhere around you, and recycling them can bring money into your pockets while making the environment cleaner. Each year, tons of scrap are recycled — in 2020, about 4.5 million metric tons of steel alone. Steel is a ferrous metal, and just like its more valuable non-ferrous counterparts, it's highly reusable and can be sold to scrap yards.

5 Things With Motors That Can Be Recycled

A surefire sign something has recyclable metal in it is when it uses a motor. That means everything from your old leaf blower to your broken desk fan. This article will guide you through the four types of motorized objects that you can bring to the scrap yard.

5 Valuable Scrap Metals To Recycle Today

Recycling scrap metal is great for the environment. Recycling metal and repurposing it to make other products saves energy and cuts greenhouse gas emissions, but it can also be good for your wallet. Scrap metal is something that manufacturers rely on and always have a need for, and scrap recyclers like Cohen buy metal from the public to be processed and sold for manufacturing Here is the lowdown on what your high quality metals may be worth. /

Everything You Need to Know About Small Appliance Recycling

Whatever your reason for getting rid of your old appliance, the day will come when you have to decide what happens to it next. Before putting it out on the curb on trash day, consider these more sustainable alternatives.

Everything You Need To Know About Large Appliance Recycling

When large appliances become old and inoperable, getting rid of them can seem like a hassle. If improperly disposed of, these appliances (also known as white goods) can pose serious problems to the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that about 9 million refrigerators and freezers end up in the dump each year. However, most of these appliances still have some value — even if they're no longer functional — since they contain recyclable metals and materials. Recycling is not only good for the environment, it also allows for manufacturers to use repurposed parts and may even put a little extra cash in your pocket.

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