Scrap Metal on the Demolition Job Site: Where’s the ROI?


Drew Lammers, vice president of outside operations for Cohen, knows a thing or two about the wrecking business, including where to find the best scrap metal on the job site. 

Drew discussed the advantages of collecting your non-ferrous metal before demolition begins and why on-site scrap pricing is becoming more common in this article from Construction & Demolition Recycler in May 2021.

  • “If there’s an opportunity to go in and get your nonferrous out, or the majority of your nonferrous out before you start tearing a building down, you’ll get greater value because you tend to lose some of that material in your demolition debris after the fact since the majority of it is non-magnetic.”
  • “Contractors want to get in and get out as quick as they can on a job because time is money, but separating the metals is almost as important as getting that material in the first place.”
  • “It’s already hard enough to find enough truck drivers to get material off-site. So, the fewer truck loads you have, the less it’s going to cost you and the quicker you’ll be able to ship the material.”

Read the full article here.


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