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Scrap Management

Consult with Cohen for a custom industrial scrap recycling program that enhances efficiency and improves your bottom line. Cohen maximizes the value of your scrap through competitive pricing, diverse and reliable services, and innovative solutions.

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Scrap Yard With an Emphasis on Service

For enterprises generating scrap on an ongoing basis, Cohen collaborates with your team to design solutions that keep operations running smoothly. We’ve been creating innovative solutions for steel servicers, contract manufacturers, demolition contractors, and hundreds of other large-scale scrap-producing businesses for nearly a century. Let us do the same for you.

Specialized Recycling Equipment & Services
  • Roll-off and lugger boxes
  • Sealed containers and lids
  • Open-top, flatbed, van and drop-deck trailers
  • Theft prevention systems
  • Mobile shred, shear and bale capabilities
  • Chip and fluid recovery systems
  • Weigh systems
  • Overseas chassis
  • On-site processing

A Reduction in Labor Cost

Combining a broad range of capabilities, investments in the right scrap recycling equipment, and nearly a century of experience, Cohen takes extra steps to minimize labor and deliver more value to you, our customer.

State-of-the-Art Logistics and Scrap Yards

Cohen ensures the most efficient route planning through our best-in-class logistics technology. Through efficiencies on the road and in the scrap yard, we are able to reduce our costs and increase rebates to you.

Specialized Containment Systems

Cohen has an array of containment systems including roll-off boxes, dump hoppers, and indoor and outdoor containment systems. If custom containment is needed, we can fabricate equipment to fit your needs.

Monthly Settlements

Cohen has monthly settlements alongside transparent reporting. Electronic signatures are paired to reference numbers, allowing customers to easily audit the partnership.


Cohen is an ISO 9001 Certified Recycling Center

We consistently provide services at our recycling center that meet our own rigorous standards as well as specific industry regulatory requirements.

Why is Custom Scrap Management Beneficial?

Industrial scrap recycling programs can enhance your company’s efficiency. Scrap generation is a daily reality at many facilities, a natural byproduct of the business. A proper disposal system will prevent scrap from piling up in your workspace and impacting your production. It also means less time managing the scrap yourself – one less thing to worry about.

It eliminates outsourcing and other extra steps, delivering more value in the process. If you have a unique production situation that doesn’t quite fit with standard solutions, or your scrap partner’s container pickup and delivery record is spotty, that can hurt the efficiency of your entire production line. Your recycling partner shouldn’t be the cause of unnecessary delays or downtime. Cohen maintains its own fabrication shop, and our transportation fleet is equipped with the best in onboard dispatch and navigation technology to ensure reliable, on-time service every time.

Family-owned since 1924, Cohen is one of the largest ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling companies in North America, with a reach that spans the globe. Dedicated to the same values we were founded on, Cohen is People Powered Recycling. For people and enterprises generating scrap continuously, custom scrap management is a necessity. At Cohen scrap yards, we’ve been creating innovative scrapping solutions for hundreds of businesses for nearly a century.

What Can I Recycle at Cohen?

Stainless steel, cans, copper, insulated wire, gutters, home appliances, brass, aluminum, car parts, scrap metal, and many more items are recyclable at our scrap yard. View the full list of recyclable items.

Cohen's Scrap Management Process

First, contact Cohen for scrap management. A representative from our commercial team will collect your company’s information. The details you might need to have prepared are:

1.) What types of materials you have for recycling (ferrous scrap, non-ferrous scrap, etc)

2.) The volume of recyclable material your company generates

3.) What kind of container you’ll need

4.) Where you store your recyclable materials

Then, your consultant will reach out and schedule a visit to the company

During the visit, they’ll start generating a quote and formulating a blueprint for successful long-term scrap management. We’ll continually revisit this plan to keep your scrap management program updated with new insights & recommendations.

Consultants at Cohen will collaborate with you on an ongoing basis to continuously optimize your system. We’ve seen all kinds of setups and situations in our history in this business and can quickly assess and make recommendations that suit you to a T, even as your business needs change.

Scrap management requires heavy lifting. Request a consultation here and let the consultants at Cohen craft a custom system that will do the heavy lifting for you.


Cohen's consultants will collaborate with you on an ongoing basis to continue to optimize your operation. Our goals are the same as yours. We maximize your material value while minimizing your handling and labor costs with a minimum impact on your uptime and production. You can rely on us to create a blueprint for long-term scrap management success: a blueprint that we will continue to revisit and update with new insights and recommendations.