Snowblower Recycling

What is the life expectancy of a snowblower?

The life expectancy of a snowblower depends on many factors, such as how often it is used and the type of maintenance that is performed. Generally speaking, if a snowblower is properly maintained and not used too frequently then it can last anywhere between 5 to 10 years. If a snowblower is neglected or used heavily then its lifespan can be significantly shortened. 

Can you scrap a snowblower?

Yes, you can scrap a snowblower. Depending on the condition and age of the snowblower, it may be worth more to scrap than to try and resell it. Many parts of a snowblower are recyclable or have high scrap value including the motor, plastic housing, metal augers and shovels. 

What recyclable materials are in a snowblower?

Snowblowers contain a variety of recyclable materials including steel, aluminum, plastic, rubber, and engine oil. Although Cohen only recycles metal, learn more about where to recycle non-metal materials.

What are the benefits of recycling my snowblower?

Recycling your snowblower can be beneficial for both you and the environment. Recycling your snowblower helps keep hazardous materials from entering landfills where they can leach out harmful chemicals into the ground and water supply. By recycling, these materials are reused to create new products, such as scrap metal or plastic parts used in manufacturing. 

What are the risks of not recycling my snowblower?

If you choose not to recycle your snowblower, you may be putting yourself and the environment at risk. For example, some snowblowers contain hazardous materials like oil and gasoline that can cause environmental contamination if they are not properly disposed of. 

Can I make money from recycling my snowblower?

Recycling your snowblower is a great way to get paid, but it’s more than just tossing them in the bin. Factors like hazardous waste can mean extra handling and create small fees for recyclers. Even with a small fee, you’re making the world around you greener and your own life leaner – helping both the environment and economy while decluttering at home. 

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