Rebar Recycling

How is recycling rebar beneficial?

Recycling rebar saves energy and resources, reduces air and water pollution, and creates jobs. It also helps reduce the amount of waste that would have to be disposed of in landfills or incinerators. Recycled rebar is just as strong as new rebar, so recycling does not compromise on structural integrity. This helps builders save money on construction projects by using recycled materials, instead of new ones. Recycling rebar has the potential to reduce the amount of metal needed to be mined and processed, therefore reducing its environmental impact.

How is rebar recycled?

To recycle rebar, it must first be separated from other materials such as wood, concrete, and metal. Once the rebar has been separated, it is then cut into smaller pieces for easier recycling. The pieces are then sorted according to size and shape before being melted down in a furnace. 

What recyclable materials are in rebar?

Rebar is mainly composed of steel, although other materials such as aluminum and even plastic may be used in some applications. When it comes to recycling rebar, steel is the recycled material that can be collected. Although Cohen only recycles metal, learn more about where to recycle non-metal materials.

What are the risks of not recycling rebar?

The risks of not recycling rebar include the increased cost of materials, potential environmental damage, and decreased efficiency in construction projects. The cost of manufacturing new steel is significantly higher than the cost of using recycled material; this means that forgoing recycling results in a much more expensive project.  Additionally, letting scrap metal end up in landfills or in the environment can increase pollution, damage ecosystems and lead to health hazards. 

Can I make money from recycling rebar?

Recycling rebar is a great way to get paid, but it’s more than just tossing them in the bin. Factors like hazardous waste can mean extra handling and create small fees for recyclers. Even with a small fee, you’re making the world around you greener and your own life leaner – helping both the environment and economy while decluttering at home. 

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