Pipe Recycling

You’ve replaced your pipes, and you’re looking for the best way to dispose of the old, leaking ones. Do you burn them? Throw them away? 

Before you act on any of those ideas, you should be cautious of how you dispose of the pile of plastic sitting in your garage. Consider recycling them instead.


There are several types of pipe that can be recycled. If you’re unsure which kind runs through the walls of your home, here’s a list of common styles of household pipes:

  • Rigid Copper Pipe – Typically used for water supply, poses no health risks, and is a fantastic heat conductor
  • Flexible Copper Pipe – Can be bent easily, is usually more expensive, and is typically used in household equipment like air conditioners and freezers.
  • Steel Pipe – Not used for plumbing in newer homes, never used for water supply, and connected via nuts and joints
  • Cast Iron Pipe – Extremely difficult to cut, typically corrosive after extensive use, and is not used to transport water due to concerns with potential lead contamination

Cohen does not accept PVC or other post-consumer plastic pipes. We do accept post-industrial plastic scrap from manufacturer or commercial sources.


  • It’s much better for the environment – Many landfills won’t even accept pipes because of their potential detriment to the water supply and the surrounding ecosystems.
  • You can get money for them – While the rate changes frequently, you’ll typically get a monetary return for bringing in your pipes to a recycling entity like Cohen. However, the amount of return totally depends on how much you bring. 


Through pipe recycling, we’re taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint, preventing the deterioration of the ozone layer, and promoting a healthier environment for us all. Let Cohen properly recycle your pipes.

Find A Scrap Yard

Cohen operates several public and commercial recycling centers in Ohio and Kentucky.

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