HVAC Recycling

What are the benefits of recycling HVAC units?

Recycling HVAC units offers many environmental and financial benefits. From an environmental standpoint, recycling a HVAC unit reduces the amount of waste that is sent to landfills. It also helps conserve natural resources, as components from older units can be reused instead of having to start from scratch with new materials. Additionally, recycled air conditioners can produce energy savings and reduce emissions associated with the manufacture of new units.

Where can I recycle my HVAC unit?

Cohen is a great resource for recycling HVAC units. Cohen specializes in responsibly disposing of old and obsolete HVAC systems. They accept both residential and commercial units, ensuring that all parts are safely removed from the property and recycled or reused according to EPA standards. 

What happens to recycled HVAC units?

Recycled HVAC units are typically broken down and separated into component parts that can be reused or recycled. The process begins with a disassembly of the unit, which may include removing wiring, ductwork, insulation, filters, fans, and other components. These individual parts are then inspected for quality and functionality before being sorted into different categories based on their condition.

What recyclable materials are in HVAC units?

HVAC units contain a variety of recyclable materials, including copper and aluminum wiring, steel metal parts, Freon refrigerant and insulation. Copper is the most valuable of these components and can be sold to scrap dealers for recycling. 

What are the risks of not recycling my HVAC units?

Not recycling your HVAC units poses a variety of risks. One of the most significant is potential health hazards from hazardous materials released from the unit during disposal. These include chemicals such as Freon, PCBs, and other contaminants that can be detrimental to air quality and long-term human health. 

Can I make money from recycling my HVAC units?

Recycling HVAC units is a great way to get paid, but it’s more than just tossing them in the bin. Factors like hazardous waste can mean extra handling and create small fees for recyclers. Even with a small fee, you’re making the world around you greener and your own life leaner – helping both the environment and economy while decluttering at home. 

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Cohen operates several public and commercial recycling centers in Ohio and Kentucky.

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