WHAT IS TIN? Tin is soft, silver-blue metal derived from the mineral cassiterite. It is a base metal that is commonly blended with other metals to create alloys. Common tin alloys include bronze and pewter. Tin is also used to make solder and glass.  Tin is fairly scarce in the Earth’s crust compared to other […]


We all want the latest and greatest technology, especially when it comes to larger, clearer televisions and monitors. So when it’s time to toss out your old junker, there are a couple of things you should know before you pitch it in the nearest dumpster. Consider recycling it instead!  CAN I RECYCLE MY OLD TV […]

Stainless Steel

WHAT IS STEEL? Steel is an alloy of iron, created by introducing carbon to iron. The amount of carbon used to make steel can give it different properties. For instance, carbon steel is extra strong because it has a higher carbon content.  HOW IS STEEL MADE? The carbon that goes into making steel comes from […]