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As the volume of electronic waste generated around the globe has been growing, so has Cohen’s electronics recycling operation. Cohen's electronics division was launched in 2009 and has grown into a full-service electronics reuse and recycling subsidiary.

Risk-free recycling

We address risks to the environment and data security. Our proprietary software is the backbone of a process that ensures responsible handling of every item, every step of the way.

Re-use and Resale

The equipment we process is evaluated for reuse potential, in whole or as components. Eligible assets go on to our refurbishment and resale stream to capture value and generate revenue back to you.

Certifiably compliant

We hold ourselves to the highest standards: our own. We also undergo annual third-party audits in accordance with our R2 and RIOS certifications.

Shredding is believing

Our 500-horsepower shredding and downstream system spans the length of a football field and features state-of-the-art separation technology alongside manual quality control, resulting in high-value smelter-ready products.

Interested in recycling escrap?

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