Upgraded #2 Copper

Since 1924, Cohen Recycling has been innovating ways to generate the highest quality non-ferrous and ferrous metals. Our upgraded #2 copper outshines what you've come to expect from secondary copper.

98.5% PURE #2 COPPER

Cohen’s cutting-edge process was created to meet the continuing need for cleaner secondary copper, especially for U.S. consumers. We start with a #2 birch cliff product and use shredders, magnets, screens, eddy currents, and manual separation to remove contaminants at every stage. The resulting product is a #1 alternative for primary consumption. 


Standard #2 birch cliff packages yield about 94-96% copper recovery, and that’s what consumers have come to expect from secondary copper. But what if you had a cleaner product to begin with?

Cohen’s process combines automated and manual quality controls and removes contaminants like iron, dirt, wire, and ash prior to smelting, to produce a 98.5% pure copper package. U.S. consumers now have an alternative to relying on foreign supply of #1 copper for primary consumption, opening up a new world of opportunities.

Contains iron, wire, dirt 98.5% Pure
Contains iron, wire, dirt 98.5% Pure
Contminated Clean

Since 1924, Cohen has been innovating ways to generate the highest-quality non ferrous and ferrous metals for domestic and international consumers. In addition to our upgraded #2 product, Cohen sells many other common grades of copper for consumption.

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