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Material Process Engineering Manager

Cohen Brothers Inc. seeks Material Process Engineering Managers (Middletown, OH) to direct and coordinate activities of Engineering department to design and implement changes to our material process system. Manage and improve the processing of copper and brass for reuse and recycling. Track and report production quotas for upper management to review on an ongoing basis. Monitor and track both non-trades inventory and product inventory for processing purposes. Responsible for the quality of finished product as well as preparing product to be shipped to end user, while maintaining a rigorous safety program. Responsible for organizing workforce to accomplish duties described above. Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Electromechanical Engineering. 1-year experience using engineering design to develop and improve process flows; 1-year experience evaluating and implementing systems for product life-cycle processing; 1-year experience tracking and monitoring systems performance per established guidelines; 1-year experience directing department activities which includes scheduling, supervising, and evaluating workforce; 1-year experience working with management, production, and marketing to determine production feasibility; 1-year experience forecasting costs to determine budgetary needs for systems changes; 1-year experience working with metal products.

To apply: Email resume to with “MPEM job# 0663630” in subject line.



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